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Greeting from Seungpyo LEE

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An-NYUNG-HA-SE-YO? (Hello in Korean)


Seoul National University School of Dentistry has been milestone of Korean dental education. Our university has been selected as Leading university development/support project by Korean Ministry of Education. Our project, which is the largest dentistry-related project so far in international development support projects, has purpose to improve the oral health of Myanmar people. Our project is committed to serve Mandalay Dental University and faculty, student ultimately for improving the oral health of Myanmar people and society. To this end, we are committed to support the capacity building of Mandalay Dental University and hope to become one of the best dental universities in Southeast Asia. The discharge of excellent dentists and strengthening of research capabilities at this university will lead to improved oral health of Myanmar people, and active exchanges between Korea and Myanmar will enhance mutual understanding and promote friendship between countries. To this end, Seoul National University and Mandalay Dental University have been actively exchanging knowledge based on mutual respect and caring. Unfortunately, travel and visit between two countries is limited due to the spread of COVID-19 also some necessary activity and contact are also limited in this political turmoil situation.


However, as ICT has been perceived as a critical component for transforming education, it provides a new way of exchanging knowledge through our online platform. Although we cannot perform the practical clinical skills for dentistry. we can wisely use the internet to transfer knowledge through online lectures, so we are eager to utilize this site for our project. Thus, we have build this site to share online lectures with various dentistry-related knowledge and quality educational contents. Although there are still many shortcomings and situational challenges in Myanmar and Korea, but the faculty of both schools are doing their best to make meaningful attempts with continuous effort to enhance the quality of the online contents. Due to the COVID-19, including Myanmar, the world experience this kind of difficulties first. However, despite of the difficulties, university has social responsibility to produce outstanding individuals who have both infinite pioneering spirit and professional capacity to support the community and society. As we have done so far, this project group will continue to strive for sustainable development together. In particular, we will do our best to overcome the difficulties that students face together.


We kindly request to put attention to this project.

Thank you.


Seoul National University School of Dentistry

         『 A project for empowerment of dental education of University of Dental Medicine of Myanmar and improvement of public oral health』

Head of project, Seungpyo LEE

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