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업무소개: 이용규칙

Purpose & Contents

▶ Providing preclinical training equipment and materials

▶ Inviting campus personnel and staff in order to offer fruitful opportunities of training

Reinforcement of the university competency by operating preclinical training room and providing training equipment
Improving medical skills through support for clinical practice equipment and training for dispatched professors

Providing equipment for treatment room and dispatching SNU faculty to implement hands-on training in order to improve the medical skills of graduated and undergraduated.

▶ Developing the textbook of the selected subjects, beginning with training guidebooks

Establishment of education base with the textbook/guidebook support
Reinforcement of education competence through visiting and inviting training by Korean faculty members

▶ Visiting education program by Korean faculty members, requested in the pre-survey

▶ Short-term training in SNU and demand-based programs for UDMM faculty members

Improving dentist skills by fostering and retraining graduate students

▶ Enhancing education and research competence by nurturing masters and doctoral degree holders
▶ Retraining for graduates who have the needs of dental competence, starting official dentists in remote provinces.
Improvement of performance-based curriculum

▶ Implementing the curriculum improvement required in the demand survey based on its performance

▶ Strengthening the capabilities of dental radiology, which showed the highest need, to promote UDM's competence to the world level

Social contribution through the operation of oral health education programs in local communities

▶ Contributing to improving the quality of life of Myanmar people

▶ Confirming the effectiveness of the project by implementing various programs to improve oral health of residents with participation of UDMM and SNU professors and students.

Promotion of friendship between Korea and Myanmar
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